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Stretch Lacy Thongs By Hanky PankyThong bikini is a type of underwear which looks like a regular bikini bottom from the front, but on the back the fabric that holds the front up is reduced to the smallest amount. In ancient times this kind of clothing
was worn by males to protect their private areas. Before entering into conventional fashion thong bikini or g-strings were worn by exotic dancers. Nowadays thongs are worn by both genders.

Of course, the subjects of this article are women\’s thong bikinis, their design, variety and fiber material, choosing the best fitting g-string bikini, and last but not least: pros and cons of wearing thongs.

There are several types of thong bikini, the most popular and buttock revealing type is g-strings, or g-string bikini where back part of panty has a t-shape with vertical crotch string intersecting horizontal waist string. Hence its name string bikini. Coverage is minimal.

The next type are t-back bikini, a type of panties similar to gstrings with the difference that waistband and crotch strap are wider. Waist line of t-back bikini sits lower than g-strings.

Rio Thong Bikini By Frederick Of Hollywood
Rio bikini type is more covering than t-back bikini. Rios form curves at the sides as they tops on the hips and fall at the front and back part. Rio thong bikinis visually elongate the legs and silhouette which makes them very flattering for ladies with full hips.

Tangas or Tanga Bikini is a more conservative style which covers more area, but still exposes the lower bottom part of the buttocks. The tanga has a full front panel as the brief panty.

Thong bikini is a kind of panties which rides high on hips while exposing backside of wearer. Low- waist fashion change the cut of thongs drastically and now there are low rise products on the market. For example these low- rise thongs by Hanky Panky are soft and comfortable with low-rise styling for your low-rise fashions.

Women usually think twice before shopping for thongs because they provide little coverage, especially to the buttock area of the body. Their minimalist design is putting off some women while others consider them more enjoyable. Not only that thongs are more comfortable, but there are no panty lines or embarrassing wedgies.

Inexpensive thong bikiniWhen the proper size and type are worn it feels like not wearing anything at all because the underwear doesn\’t crunch up, and annoying wedgies and panty lines are gone. Thong underwear feels and looks sexy and can be combined with matching bra to form a nice lingerie set.
Tangas are a great solution for avoiding panty lines beneath tight fitting dresses and skirts.
The most revealing type g-string bikini are not suitable for wearing all day long. However they make a sexy swimsuit bottom if you look for minimum tan lines.
Rio and tanga bikini can be worn throughout the whole day. As a rule look for a stretchable wide non biding thong with cotton crotch lining. Naturally, 100 per cent cotton fibre is the best material for panties but such a thong will eventually stretch out of shape. The best results come from cotton blend with a touch of stretch.
If you are looking for a thong bikini to wear under tight clothes avoid the ones with embellishment like lace, ruffles, bows, etc which can be seen thru the outer clothing.

Classic colors for women underwear are black, grey, white, and nude. More over there is a variety of feminine colors on the market today such as pink, lavender, light yellow, etc. in which every lady looks and feels great. Another choice are hot red panties and bra, a set suitable for Valentine lingerie. Red lingerie conveys a passion message.
Some thong bikinis cannot be worn on a daily basis while others: cotton blend, soft and stretchable, can be worn all day long.

If you wonder where to shop around for a pair of comfortable reasonbly priced thong bikini here is my top selection:

1. Fresh Pair– online store that specializes in underwear for both genders. Stretch lace thongs by Hanky Panky are called the worlds most comfortable thongs for reason. They have it in low- rise version for low rise fashion as well.

2. Bare Necessities– decent onlinde store featuring intimate apparel and accessories.  To some extend you will find the same articles as at Fresh Pair but definitely is worth a visit.

4. Frederick Of Hollywood He pushed the limits in design of  female intimate apparel and lingerie to the state of art. Yet their lingerie is sensibly priced.

5. Old Navy There is no need to introduce this store. They offer lace thongs in a variety of colors at a very low price.  Moreover their lace thongs receive very complimentary reviews.

6. Wicked Temptations This store is aimed at teenagers and young adults fashion. They have have thongs and g-strings in all the girlish colors, bows, lace, polka- dots, etc priced just right.


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