Women Hosiery

PantyhoseThis article makes a comprehensive review of women hosiery or so called women legwear. The main topics are women pantyhose, women socks that include thigh high female socks (stockings) and knee high female socks, tights, leggings, and features of the most used fabrics in footwear: nylon, lycra, elastan, microfiber (a fiber with strands less than one denier), polyester, polyamide, and of course silk and cotton.
Hosiery is knitted covering for the legs and foot. Hosiery is a collective term used by manufacturers and merchants. The main meaning of the term hosiery is a cloth made using knitting methods. The most common way to wear this kind of apparel is to combine it with undergarment or outer wear. Modern hosiery has woven fibers of lycra, elastan, or microfiber that help them fit tight and comfortably. Hosiery that contains more lycra provides shimmer at any kind of light. Microfiber shapes legs and is recommended for swell ankles and varicose veins. There is nothing more beautiful than lady’s leg dressed in hosiery.
Types of hosiery:
Stockings Or Thigh High Women Socks– Women look stylish, exquisite and sexy in high thighs. High thighs are the most suitable legwear when weather is warm but not hot, e.g. cool mornings in early fall. Stockings are considered more functional than pantyhose because provide: quicker way to go to a toilet, more ventilation and less sweat of the genital area.
High thighs combine excellently with skirt or pants. High thighs end with lace strengthen with silicone for stay- up support. That way they stick to the thighs. When stockings are combined with corset or bustier usually garter belts are used to couple them.
Knee High Socks– Knee high thighs are often knitted with figural patterns. They are excellent attribute for the spring and fall season. Knee high thighs are produced in variety of colors. Classic cut pants, capri jeans and long skirts look fabulous when they are worn with knee high thighs as undergarment.
Pantyhose– Pantyhose is the longest kind of hosiery. It covers foot legs, thighs and hips. There many types of pantyhose as you can imagine: patterened or shear, fishnet pantyhose or floral-printed pantyhose, plaid pantyhose or striped pantyhose, lace pantyhose or crochet pantyhose, flesh colored or any other color. Pantyhose are merely the important part of lady’s wardrobe. The most popular patterned pantyhose contain lycra fibers or microfiber but ladies be aware of the Best Before date on the wrapping box or packet because Lycra and Elastan as fabrics are good for only a couple of years after the manufacture date.
The hosiery turns out to be one of the most essential parts of woman’s wardrobe. By the way women’s legs look good and feel good when wearing it. What’s more hosiery and socks is the hottest trend and part of the women’s outfit during the fall season.
Tights or leotards Skin tight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet. The difference between pantyhose and tights is determined by the thickness to which the garment is knitted. Usually pantyhose above 40 deniers is considered tights. Unfooted tights are named leggings and are usually used in a variety of sport outfits for the both genders.

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