Swimsuit Glossary Different Types Swimsuits

Swimsuit Glossary Different Types Swimsuits

The following article is aimed at deciding what is the best type of swimsuit
for you. The article is a glossary of swimwear and describes the basics of few
chosen bathing suits that can be found on the market. Basically there are two
kinds of swimwear for women or juniors: two piece bathing suits and one piece
swimsuit. With the two piece swimsuits you can choose a couple of matching tops
and bottoms and match them so that it will look like you own four or even more
bathing suits. Complement them with a sarong (pareo) and a pair of flips and you
will be ready for a perfect vacation.

Types of swimsuits/ Swimsuit Glossary:
Swimsuit tops
Underwire top Underwire Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Lift and enhance bust
  2. Adjustable straps for perfect fit
Halter Top Halter Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Lift and shape bust
  2. Feature adjustable straps for perfect fit
Bandeau Top Bandeau Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Removable shoulder straps
  2. Bandeau tops are best suited to cup sizes A,B,C
  3. Camouflage large hips
Triangle Top Triangle Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Have adjustable straps for perfect
  2. If padded triangle bathing suit tops enhance bust
  3. Triangle tops have minimal coverage
Enhancer Top Enhancer Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Offer the usual cleavage/ d├ęcolletage as the
    usual swim suit tops
  2. Give your bust some extra inches
Tank Top Tank Swimsuit Tops:

  1. Give more coverage than any other type of bathing suit top
  2. Features wide secure shoulder straps
  3. Are the most suitable for big busts
Swimsuit Bottoms
Briefs Bikini Briefs/ Bikini Bottoms/Brazil:

  1. Provide minimal coverage
  2. Make legs look longer
thong bottom Thong Swimsuit Bottoms:

  1. Provide very minimal coverage
  2. Elongate legs optically
Boy Shorts Bottom Full/ Boy Shorts Swimsuit Bottoms:

  1. Maximum coverage
  2. Minimize hips and bottom
High Waist Bottom Full High-Waist Swimsuit Bottoms:

  1. Maximum coverage
  2. Tummy control
One- Piece Swimsuit
Tankini Swimsuit Tankini Swimsuit:

  1. possess wide shoulder straps for the best control and comfort
  2. are the best choice for full bust
Halter Swimsuit Halter One piece Swimsuits:

  1. lift and enhancement of the bust
  2. have adjustable straps for better fit
Bandeau Swimsuit Bandeau One Piece Swimsuits:

  1. feature detachable shoulder or neck strap/s
  2. minimize full hips optically
Swimdress Swimdress

  1. is flattering for all figure types
  2. flare at thighs
  3. minimize bottom and hips
  4. camouflages broad shoulders

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