Laundry Care Label Symbols

You will find these labels inside your garment, the so called laundry care label symbols. They are here to help you decide how to look after each article of clothing properly. Laundry symbols (care symbols) advice on how to wash, bleach, dry, thumble-dry, or iron the garment. In the table below you will find US care symbols but they can be useful to virtually any visitor from any country in the world because there is a trend toward unification of the laundry and care symbols.

Labels Washing Meaning
Hand Wash Hand wash only. Do not machine wash as the materials as silk, wool, acrilic are sensitive to rinsing and other mechanical action.
Machine Wasch Cold Macine wash at cold temperature- 30°C . Silk and acetate clothes with bleaching colors at 40°C are machine washed at 30°C with short spin
Machine Wash Medium Wool and woolen mixes, blankets and futter should be washed at 40ºC. Color cotton, linen, and rayon should be washed at 40º C because their color are fast at this temperature.
Machine Wash Hot Three black dots refers to 60º C. This temperature is suitable or mashine washing of cotton, linen and rayon item which are both colour fast. Higher temperature can be used only for white cotton and linen.
Permanent Press Cycle Machine wash permanent press cycle. This is suitable for garment that does not wrinkle and hold its shape
Gentle Cycle The gentle cycle of your washing machine is used for fine fabrics such as wool so friction is less severe. In the case of wool, washing in the gentle cycle will limit the compression and shrinkage.
Labels Bleaching Meaning
Dont Bleach This sign means do no bleach. For example wool cannot be bleached.
Any Bleach The garment with this symbol can be chlorine bleached (any bleach). Cotton, linen, and acrylic fiber can be chlorine bleached.
Non Chlorine Non chlorine bleach as needed. Since chlorine bleaches react with the protein of animal fibers, silk and wool are commonly bleached with hydrogen peroxide
Labels Tumble-Drying Meaning
tumble dry cold Tumble dry no heat, cold
tumble dry low temperature Tumble dry low temperature settings
tumble dry medium temperature Tumble dry moderate (medium) temperature settings
Tumble dry high temperature settings
Labels Ironing Meaning
do not iron Do not iron or press with heat. Some synthetic fibers such as
nylon melt easily
low temperature iron Set the iron at the lowest setting, synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon require ironing at low temperature
medium temperature iron Set the iron to the second setting. Natural fibres silk and
wool are ironed at medium temperature
high temperature iron Set the iron at a hot setting. Suitable for cotton and linen
garment only
no steam iron Iron or press withot steam
Labels Drying Meaning
line dry This label means to hang the garment up to dry
dry flat Dry flat labels advice to lay the garment on a
flat surface
drip dry Hang wet, and allow to dry with hand-shaping only
dry in shade Do not expose to direct sunlight. Useful for all types of
garment drying outdoor especially running colors
dryclean The garment can be dry-cleaned
not dryclean Refers to no dry- cleaning materials Use recommended care
instructions only

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