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What Is My Size- Getting Your Size- Women Dress Size- How to get your body frame size.
When shopping for various items of clothing and lingerie in particular you will always stumble upon a hard decision what size to choose or what is my size. To make things even worse different all manufacturers use have their own sizing chart that is unique to their products. Even when there are standard sizes such as US, UK, EU at all times take into account the material, cut, and style of the clothing. For example there is 5% natural shrinkage in silk products following washing, body fit attire could squeeze after several washings due to natural shrinkage of the material.
Here I will focus on calculating your bra size, dress size (gowns), and bustiers (corsets) size.
Bra is merely the most important part of female supportive undergarment. Not only do bras enhance the appearance and shape the breasts but they are useful from medical point of view because they can prevent from injuring the breasts tissue during sport or intense activities. The main point here is to choose your right size because surveys show that nearly 80 percent of women wear unfitting bras.
Bra size consists of two elements: the chest size also called band size, i.e. 32, 34, 36 and cup size, i.e. AA, A, B, C. It is very important to choose the correct band and cup size in order to achieve best results.
1. Band Size. Use soft measure tape and loop it all the way round your back and ribcage just below your bust. Tape measure should be straight, not too tight and not too loose. Write down the numbers where the tape measure meets itself and add 5 inches. Round any odd number to the next one i.e. 31 should be rounded to 32. The result number is your band size.
2. Another approach is to measure the chest right above the bust below the armpit line. In this case you do not have to add anything to number you have taken. This method is considered less accurate and would recommend taking your chest size below your bust.
3. Cup Size. Measure the fullest part of your breasts. Once again do not hold the measure tape too loose or too tight and do ensure it rests flat on your skin and straight on the back.
4. Subtract your chest measurement from the breasts. If the difference between breasts and chest is 1 than your Cup Size is 1- A, 2- B, 3-C. If the difference is less than 1 your cup size is AA.
Notes: Put on your best fitting unpadded bra when taking the measurements. Alternatively put on fitting undergarment. Take into account that sport bras tend to flatten the bust so that it will appear smaller and padded or lined bras on opposite will enhance your bust.
The same rule can be applied when shopping for a bra. When deciding your size of padded cup bra, your normal cup size might be too small. For instance if you normally wear a size 34A you may need 34B.

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