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mix and match two piece bathing suits womenSwimsuits Type Swimwear Glossary Basic Styles of Bathing Suits Diversity of body shapes provokes designers’ imagination into creating a variety of swimsuit styles. In this article I will pay attention to the most popular kinds of swimsuit cuts and styles. I can think of two main reasons why a lady should choose two piece bathing suits over one piece swimsuit. Firstly she can buy two tops, two bottoms and mix and match them so it will appear she has four bathing suits. Secondly, women with a long torso can find easier two piece swimwear to match their body frame.
tankini bathing suits womenTankini– Exotic design of swimsuit consisting of two pieces. The upper piece goes down to the waist line, or little bit below it in some cuts. The second part may be bikini, string bikini, boy shorts, or tangas. Tankini swimsuit is perfect for the girls who want to disguise tummy area because it offers more coverage than the classic bikini swimsuit. Tankini bathing suit offers more support at the bust and performs well at nearly all bust sizes. Also tankinis are very suitable for women with long torsos who cannot fit into one piece bathing suit. Many younger women prefer it to the traditional bikini tops because they are more comfortable to swim in.
separates swimsuitsBikini– Bikini is a classic bathing suit. It consist of two pieces. The upper part covers bust. The most popular cuts are top halter, top triangle, and top tank. You can choose from variety of fabric and patterns. The lower part covers groin and hips. Here the variety of cuts are traditional bikini, string bikini, tangas, and boy shorts. Bikini is a typical choice for junior swimsuit, girls swimsuit, and misses swimsuit.
one piece designer swimsuitOne piece– These skin tight swimsuits consist of one piece. They cover breast, groin and hips and all area between them. Girls wear one piece bathing suit when they go swimming. One piece swimsuits are functional type of swim apparel because they are suitable for curvy, full figured women and elegant ladies as well.
women swimdressSwim dress– mini dress, reaches some inches below the rear and in front. Usually goes well with bikini, string bikini, boy shorts, tangas. Swim dress isan interesting suggestion for swim garment. It is suitable for curvy, full- figured ladies and those women who like walking along the beach.

Sarong– exotic part of swim apparel coming from South Asia. It looks like a large sheet of fabric, usually worn as a skirt by women. Sarong envelopes waist and ties at one side. Two pieces of the sarong could be overlapped and clasped with safety pin. That kind of cut has it ‘s slang name- embrace me. The fabric is often bright or printed with intricate patterns compared to animals, flowers. Sarong associates with beach fashion.

Pāreu or Pareo– related to Sarong. The country of origin is Tahitian. It is big square or rectangle cloth usually fringy and made from cotton, cashmere, silk. Pareo is printed in bright tones. Patterns imitate Tahitian flowers, Pacific Nature subjects, corals and exotic fish. Popular use of that kind garment is wrapped skirt. Nowadays, many women wrap it around the upper part of their body, covering the breast. Pareo is suitable for beach garment. Lately, pareo turns into casual part in women’s wardrobe.

Monokini– as the name prompts that this bathing suit consists of one piece- bikini. Breast is not covered. Many women prefer this style of swimsuit. Long necklace in two or three rows gives a romantic style to monokini suimsuit.


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