The effective bra

Nowadays bra is the most popular worn part of lingerie. It is made of band which covers chest measurement, two cups for breast and adjustable strips (in some designs strips may not be adjustable, or may be missed). The mainly purpose of bra is for everyday use and to cover, to lift and support breast.
Bras is created at last of 19- th century and the beginning of 20- th century. Gradually it is estimated as more convenient than corset. At present time bra is most useful every day lingerie. Ladies look shapely at breast with bra while at the same time they feel their bodies a little bit free. It provokes designers to creature plenty of models of brasses.
I shall stress on some kinds of brasses:
Underwire bra– dominating presence at the market. The wire in underwire should be exactly under the breast and should follow the lower curve line of breast. Wires usually lay in channels made from smoothly and soft fabric (more often cotton).
Halter– often used type of bra. Exotic model and give more interesting look of breast.
Bandeau– one unusual type of bra. The wide band around the hips makes them balanced. In front there are two classical cups and straps, which begin from middle line between two cups. They ties at the back. This one model recommends for summer.
Triangle– At the first sight it looks like halter but not exactly. Adjustable straps and around band here are quite fine. The form of two cups is equilateral triangle.
Tank– full coverage of back and in front. Wide straps, not adjustable. Makes full support of breast and balance of hips. Sometimes it finish to the end of the hip part of the body. Mainly made from elastic fabric which tights too closely to body. Universal type of bra, fitting to thin, curvy or full figured women.
So, to look more firm every day you should choose the most suitable bra. The around band must be made from comfortable textile. For full figured women we recommend classical model without wire and with adjustable straps. Curvy women will look wonderful and sexy in halter bra too. Comfort and sexy- these are two important things which determine choice of bra.


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