Sports Bras – How To Choose The Right Sport Bra

Sports Bras
anita rosa faia sport braWomen need support for their bust when they workout and this need is the main reason for the popularity of the sports bras, which are also called athletic bras, training bras or active bras. Most sports bras today are made of layers of cotton and stretch micro fiber fabrics which wick moisture away from the skin this way keeping the body cool and comfortable at all times.
There is a great variety of sports bra from soft cup to underwire, from pull over or compression athletic bras to bras with seamless cups suitable for everyday activities. Usually sports bras have adjusts in the back and on the straps for better fit and support.
Goddess Soft Cup Sport Bra
A sports bra is a choice of every athletic woman but some ladies prefer them just because they find them more comfortable than everyday bras. Sports bra or let me name it active bra is a perfect solution for the ladies who have a busy day lifestyle with a lot of physical activities.
Popular Sport Bras are made by companies like Moving Comfort, Anita, Enell (which make Opra’s favorite sports bra), Shock Absorber, and Hanes to name a few

How To Find The Right Sports Bra
Wearing the right size and style sports bra is an as important as putting on the right running shoes. You should invest enough time shopping around for a store offering a good and large enough collection of sports bras to take the right decision and choose the bra to suit your body structure and whether the activity involves vertical movement. For example, there is a lot of vertical movement in jogging and horse riding. If you plan to wear your sports bra in such sports it is a good idea to find a bra to restrict vertical movement (RVM).
moving comfort sports braThis task can be quite a challenge if you are cup C and larger. Jogging, running, horse riding and such high impact activities require encapsulating bra to restrict vertical movement and give support to your bust. The last is very important to avoid strain in breast tissue. Restricting vertical movement can be achieved using several approaches. Underwires can help in reducing vertical movement. Adjusts in the back and straps gives you the flexibility to tighten and loosen the band and straps in order to achieve higher vertical movement restriction.shock absorber sports bra

Encapsulating bras manage breasts separately and give a better chance of getting no-bounce support to C cup and up sized ladies
If you are cup A or cup B, molded cups bra with right cup size will perform better for you. Stiff molded cup gives better support to the bust and reduce the risk of bouncing. Another option for ladies with cup size A or B is pullover or compression style bra which reduces bounce effect by simply flattening the bust.
under armour sports braPoor fitting sports bras can cause sore skin, back ache, and shoulder marks. That’s there are several points to consider when choosing your new sports bra: wrong size and wrong style.
Always buy bras in your right size, both band and cup. Before shopping for your brand new active bra consider your preferences, planned activities, and body type: what bra size you wear, how long is your torso and large is your rib cage. Running, horse riding or yoga have different number of occurrences of vertical movement and require different approach to reducing non-bounce effect and moisture wicking. When you decide what kind is the best for you pick one or two essentials and start from here. Sometimes it is recommendable to pick different styles for different activities.
Last but not least the average life of a sports bra is from six months to one year. Machine washed and tumble dried bras last even less. When bra starts to wore off it loses its functionality and it is time to be replaced with a new one.


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