Bras- Quality And Comfort

There is one indisputable fact – quality bra makes every woman feel cozy, calm and sexy. But in the ocean of sizes, buttons, colors and designs how to choose the right cut and style? Almost 70% from women wear the wrong size of bra. Most important thing for a bra is to fits perfectly to the breast. The sizes you wear give reference point. Cups should be fulfilled. If your breasts overflow the cups then you probably need one size up. Straps must not cut into your skin. Sometimes it happens that you assess how tighten up they should be. If they are too tight, cups move up and this engenders discomfort. The other way around, if the straps a too loose you feel yourself such you don’t wear bra. At any rate, you probably choose the wrong size of bra. Cups should not be too solid for the reason of squeezing the bust. The lower part of chest tour band at back should be at the same level with in front. Often a lot of women buy bras that fit awful- the back part of band rises too high. Usually these kind of bras are inconvenient and don’t fulfill their function.
How we know which the right size of bra to wear is?!
First of all you need the soft measurable tape. Then you stay upright without any dress and start measure. I have written a separate article dedicated to Finding Your Bra Size.


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