Minimizer Bras Explained

Need For Minimizer Bras

Minimizer Bras Explained

If you have a fuller bust, and want it to look smaller, a minimizer bra can help you. I have to admit, the term ‘minimizer bra’ sounds a bit confusing. Some women expect minimizer bras to reduce their breasts or cup size. Actually, the bras only redistribute the tissue to reduce the circumference of the bust. Not only the boobs appear smaller but they also prevent from bulges. They redistribute and uplift the boobs while separating them. That way they still keep a perfect silhouette in the bust area.

For fear of wardrobe malfunction full chested ladies often size up button- up blouses on purchase. Not omly can Minimizer bras help them wear correctly sized apparel but they can also help them look their best. What’s more, the bras improve the proportions of the figure by trimming the bust. Being designed with the needs of women with large breasts in mind, minimizer bras offer extra layer of support and shaping. Another great feature of almost all minimizer bras are the specifically designed wider straps. The straps even have padding to instantly relieve pain and tension caused by straps by distributing weight.

How Minimizer Bras Work

Minimizer bras don’t reduce the bust size, they only reduce the bust circumference. The boobs only look slimmer and trimmer than they actually are. Minimizer cups are doing the bust slimming. In order to reduce the appearance of your breasts, they are molded to be shallow and wider than average cups.

How To Pick Right Size Minimizer Bras

Just because you want your bust to appear smaller than it actually is, doesn’t mean you will need a smaller bra. Pick the same size you usually wear with other bras. Smaller bras will squeeze your boobs, bigger ones will make them look wider.


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