Whether you need jockstrap for the gym for its support, moisture wicking, and anti- bacterial features, or just want to make use of its minimalistic design, you are always on the right track. Jockstraps, (strap jocks, jocks, straps, or simply supporters) are ideal for any man who wants to play hard. Usually jockstraps are designed with wide waistband, either with cup or cupless, but there are also narrow waistband, low cut fashion forward jockstraps that offer minimum coverage.
Designed originally for bicycle jockeys riding in 19th century nowadays jockstraps are used for athletics and for fashion. Athletic jockstraps usually sport cup enhanced pouch for best protection and wide waistband. One of the most popular brands for athletic jockstraps are Bike and Calvin Klein.

athletic jockstraps by Bike
These are definitely athletic supporters, good for both everyday use and during vigorous exercise. They sport wide waistband is which is lined for extra comfort, and cool, breathable stretch mesh pouch. The supporters give a good amount of support, and look good under regular clothes and sports gear. Last but not least 2 pair pack makes the price certainly right.
package enhancing jockstrapThis strapjock features Show-It technology and is developed for the best front support. Show It technology uses hidden “comfy cup” that gently lifts and presents the package to the front thus adding 1,5 inches to the front. The strapjock features “Anti-Muffin Top” elastic for a slimmer looking waistline and contains no padding or hidden straps.
sexy fashion jockstrapBoytoy jockstrap by Greg Homme is fashion forward. The sleek and slender silhouette creates an alluring appearance on this jockstrap. It is made from stretchy shiny fabric for a sexy “wet” look. Lightweight and breathable, its waistline falls below belly button. It sports center seamed pouch made for frontal enhancement and fabric covered elastic waistband to sits flat against your skin for non-digging fit.


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