Closet Essentials

Women’s closet can be boundless and full to the brim with useless clothing already out of fashion. This phenomenon is connected with woman’s many-sided personality.

Sometimes the fashionista from inside her tricks her into buying fashionable clothing that is looks out-of-style the next year or doesn’t fit well in her closet because of unusual color or cut.

It’s time to plan your closet in advance before buying a new item of clothing and accessory. Planning will help you beat the recession in your wardrobe.

Here I have prepared a list of few pieces of garment no woman’s wardrobe can go without:

Jeans1.A pair of classical denim jeans everlasting article of clothing. Denim jean is good for any season of the year. With a pair of flattering, good- looking jeans woman looks younger. Get yourself a pair of tailored for your body jeans

2. Denim Jacket: Denim jacket combines with denim jeans. Denim jacket is a versatile part of outer wear clothing. Jacket matches successfully with skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, and  pants.

trenchcoat3. Trenchcoat- Trench coat is a useful outerwear for the rainy spring and fall. Trench coat keeps you warm, and gives elegant silhouette. It belongs to the category of classic clothes and comes in a variety of fibers. Pick a neutral color trench coat in a blend of wool and polyester/nylon fiber for your closet and you will have it for many years to come.

vest with black dress pants3. Pair of black pants. Black dress pants are pants for casual fashion and
special occasions alike. Made from fabric that doesn’t wrinkle pants are suitable for office wear, cocktail, business trip, etc. Black goes well with a chic blouse. Black matches with any other color. Ladies look good wearing this article of apparel. Black pants make a perfect bottom of a classic office pant suit. Pair them with tailored jacket or blazer and you will have comfy and feminine office suit.

4. Any lady looks vital in black dress pants and a jacket of pastel color. Black pants look well paired with chic blouse or shirt made from chiffon, silk, sateen and satin. Make them look luxurious three piece suit dressing the shirt with satin or vinyl vest/corset.

little black dress5. Little Black Dress. Evening or cocktail dress cut simply usually with knee- length skirt. It is called LBD ( stands for little black dress). Little Black Dress comes in many cuts and styles. It is versatile, can be dressed up with pumps, a necklace, clutch, hobo for an office party or complemented with evening coat and suede or leather pointy-toed, heeled boots for and evening out.

6. Beautiful classic set of lingerie- bra and panty (bikini or thongs). Set of underwear suitable for any of above clothes. Sure way for a lady to feel herself confident and sexy. Intimate apparel is the foundation of the women closet. Shapewear can work like miracle with sophisticated dresses because it comes in sleek, lightweight stretch microfiber construction invisible under clothing. It is possible that your wardrobe seams to break apart every lady should learn to pick out. The art of making the right choice have to be the starting point of every woman when she is out hunting for new additions to her closet.

Of course you need shoes to round out your closet and in my experience four pairs of shoes are sufficient for all uses and occasions. But shoes esentials are subject of a new article.

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